Why you Should Watch the New Pokémon Movie

Unless you have been living under a rock over the past six months, you must have heard and experienced the new urban craze that is Pokémon Go. What you may not know is that the upcoming pokemon movie is based on the endearing Nintendo inspired characters is already out.

The new movie, named ‘Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel’, was released in Japan back in July 2016 but ardent fans are still awaiting the release of the English version.

The trailer

Its trailer is already racking up astronomical views on video sharingsfdsfdsfds sites, though. It offers some clues as to why you should watch the new Pokemon movie when it finally hits a theater near you.

From the trailer, it appears that ‘Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel’ is a different kind of Pokémon movie compared to recent releases. For starters, this movie will represent the first time the franchise has introduced a mechanical Pokémon. Those who have watched the Japanese version say the rather mysterious mechanical character is known as Magearna.

Movie release

From all the details which have emerged in the weeks following the release of the Japanese version of the new movie, Magearna will prove a great addition to the franchise. It is said the mechanical Pokémon was created 500 years ago by a scientist with some prodigious knowledge and skills. Even though it is mechanical, Magearna is capable of feeling the pain and suffering of another Pokémon.

It will also do everything possible to save the injured companion. Among Magearna’s special powers is the ability to learn the move, Fleur Cannon. It is the only Pokémon with this special ability.

The new moviewsadsadasda

The other significant Pokémon in this new movie is Volcanion of the title. From the trailer, it appears large and well built. It is said Volcanion has a deep mistrust of humans. That said, though it ends up being a companion of Ash, and this is where all the fun in the movie begins.

Volcanion is a mythical dual type (fire and water) Pokémon which first appeared in 2015. It has the special ability to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. In the movie, Volcanion appears as a quadruped, maroon colored being with blue and yellow markings. Those who are already familiar with Volcanion will be familiar with the Pokémon’s deep-seated mistrust (some may even say hatred) of humans.

Indeed, at the start of the movie ‘Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel’, Volcanion is headed to the Azoth Kingdom with very ulterior motives. The reason why it turns out to become Ash and his companion’s trusted ally is yet another reason why you should watch the new Pokemon movie to find out.

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